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The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner’s office have provided funding through the Active Citizens Fund for 500 Street Watch volunteers across the force area. The funding will pay for the equipment and insurance cover for the schemes.

What is Street Watch?

Street Watch is a community-led initiative based on street patrols carried out by members of the public with no police powers.

Groups are managed by a volunteer co-ordinator who keeps a volunteer list and provides advice, guidance and support in consultation with the local police.

Volunteers patrol in pairs or small groups and register each patrol on a website to engage with their local Policing team. If volunteers spot suspicious activity they should report it to the police but not get involved. Street Watch is about citizenship not policing by providing visible reassurance and appropriate engagement around local issues that matter most to your community.

Research shows that the presence of a capable guardian within a community helps to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

‘Crime cannot flourish in a community that cares’

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I am interested what happens next?

  • A group should consist of at least 5 and a maximum of 10 volunteers.
  • Volunteers will be subject Police vetting to ensure that they are the suitable for the role.
  • Once a group of Street Watch volunteers is formed you will be invited to a training session that will take approximately 1hour 30 minutes. At this session you will be provided with everything you need to start your patrols. Hi-vis jackets, a copy of the force liability insurance, the code of conduct and a login password for the website that is used to communicate amongst your group and local neighbourhood Policing team.
  • Initial patrols will be carried out with local officers who will give guidance on staying safe when out and about.
  • Group co-ordinators will have regular contact with their Neighbourhood officers to discuss local issues.
  • Volunteers are required to patrol a minimum of 2 hours per month. With a minimum of 2 members out at any one time.
  • All patrols must be carried out on foot and never in vehicles.
  • Pet dogs may accompany members on patrol under the following conditions. Dogs must be covered by independent 3rd party insurance, kept on a lead at all times and must not be a breed of ‘dangerous’ dog or Section 1 dog as defined under the ‘Dangerous Dog Act’


If you are interested in being involved in Street Watch where you live your first point of contact is your neighbourhood Policing team, please see email contacts below.


Smith’s Wood and Castle Bromwich  NPT

Chelmsley Wood NPT

Rural NPT

Shirley NPT

Lyndon Elmdon Olton Silhill NPT

St Alphege NPT

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