Street Pastors

Street Pastor schemes are an inter-denominational church response to neighbourhood problems. They allow church volunteers to receive training and talk to people on the streets and in night-time venues. Their purpose is to care, listen, and help in practical ways.

The scheme now has more than 2,500 trained volunteers and operates in over 100 locations across the UK.Untitled

Usually, churches in an area come together and express an interest in Street Pastors. A management group is set up and a co-ordinator identified. At least four churches need to be part of each scheme.

Volunteers are recruited from local churches. References are given by their church and volunteers are provided with 12 days of training in two or three blocks. After the first block of training, volunteers can go out on the streets. Each volunteer receives a uniform (to help distinguish them) and commits to going out on the streets at least once a month.

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