Solihull Police Key Individual Network (KIN)

What is the Key individual Network?

The Key Individual Network (KIN) is a local network of people Solihull Police contact to gain the views and opinions of, on a wide range of issues affecting the communities across Solihull. They have the opportunity to directly influence how Solihull is policed, and consequently improve the quality of life within the community.

Solihull Partnership Team provide KIN members with the opportunity to give feedback about issues affecting the community, and a say in how we deal with them.

Solihull Partnership Team aim to consult with a wide selection of community members, giving prompt information about significant changes in local tension and updates on relevant issues. Further to this they give members the opportunity to provide confidential advice to us on sensitive policing issues because as a valued member of the community KIN members thoughts and opinions are important to us.

A successful KIN network allows Solihull Police to identify, prioritise and resolve local problems together, enhancing the quality of life for everyone in our communities.

KIN members should have an interest in ward level issues and have influence within their community.

How do I find out more about the Key individual Network?

Contact Untitledyour local Engagement and Consultation Officer Jayne Turner at Solihull Police Station on 101 Ext. 891 3096 or via email at, or contact your local Police Neighbourhood Team who will also help!

You will need to complete this form (KINregformintranet) to allow us to hold your data and place you on our databases as an active coordinator.