Shared Lives

Solihull Council is working with Coventry City Council to develop a Shared Lives Scheme and the hunt is on for Shared Lives Carers to be part of the team.

Anyone can apply to become a Shared Lives Carer. You may have had experience of working in social care before or none at all. What is important is that you are enthusiastic, committed, encouraging and sensitive to the needs of others.

A scheme which involves sharing family and community life, all sorts of people can be supported in a help_schemeShared Lives Placement, including:

  • adults with a learning disability
  • adults with mental health issues
  • adults with a physical disability
  • adults with dementia
  • older people
  • young people in transition to adult services

Whatever the form of care, you will be happy to use your family home, support up to 3 people at a time and share their lives with them – from holidaying and partying, to going to family events.

Shared Lives is built around matching people who get on well together. When a match works, Shared Lives starts to feel like family life, rather than a service. This makes Shared Lives flexible for carers, but, it can also be demanding. You would not ‘clock on and off’ though, as you would in a conventional caring role. As a Shared Lives Carer:

  • members of your household may act as ‘support carers’
  • you and any adult living in your family home will be asked to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (this is commonly known just as DBS and you can find out more from the GOV.UK website)
  • you will also receive £346.89 tax-free per week, for each adult placed with you

If you support someone who lives with you for a long period of time there will be a support plan explaining what is expected from you as a Shared Lives Carer. To be considered for the scheme you must want to:

  • support adults within your own homeROSVIV
  • create a family environment for the people you support
  • be involved in the training and preparation and approval needed to be a Shared Lives Carer

If you join the Shared Lives Scheme it will offer you:

  • induction, a clear approval process and on-going training
  • daily support from the dedicated team
  • regular contact with other Shared Lives Carers
  • breaks and respite care

To find out more or get involved you can: