Door Lock Security

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How SECURE are your door locks?

Most door  installation companies install locks from the cheaper end of the market !

The main entry method used by offenders in burglaries is Lock Snapping which involves snapping a door lock cylinder in two, by applying force, and removing the outside part to expose the lock mechanism. Doing so provides access to the mechanism, allowing the door to be unlocked. The locks most at risk of this type of attack are fitted with a euro profile cylinder. Euro profile locks are found in the majority of PVCu and composite doors installed in the last 15 years and operate in combination with a multipoint lock mechanism.

Burglaries are mainly committed by offenders who use tools like hammers, screwdrivers & mole grips to snap the locks and, worryingly, it can take just a few seconds to gain access. This technique does not require any experience or skill, merely brute force!


The process to change the lock cylinder for one that can prevent a burglar gaining entry is a relatively easy process, which can usually be done by a competent DIY’er or can be done quickly and cheaply by a registered lock smith.

The document link below shows how you can replace yourself, with a you tube link to provide further assistance. If however you are not sure or confident you should always engage with the services of a registered lock smith.

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