Burglary Prevention Advice

Below are some simple tips that will help you beat the burglar and keep your property safe within your home. Whilst we do not recommend manufacturers or suppliers we do suggest that security equipment reaches to ‘Sold Secure’ standard, you can search and check your equipment before you purchase here:


Doors and windows

In about a third of burglaries, thieves gain access through an open window or door. Make sure your doors and windows are kept locked when you go out, and close them even when you leave a room, particularly in hot weather.

Check the condition of door frames and glass panels to make sure they are secure.

Ensure your lock cylinders are anti-snap, these are no supplied on all new doors and are easy to change.TS007 approved.jpg@p0x0-q85-M1020x420-FrameNumber(1) See our section on door lock security. A standard lock barrel can be breached in seconds.

Do not leave expensive or attractive items on display through windows, thieves will smash windows to grab items of value. If possible have blinds fitted to obstruct the view into rooms from the road or pavement. At Christmas do not leave items on display under the Christmas tree, some burglars target homes where presents are visible.

Lights and alarms

When you are out leave a light on to give the impression there is somebody at home. A light timer switch is fairly cheap to buy and can be easily fitted to operate radios and lights when you are out, giving burglars the impression that somebody is in.

Ensure you have a house alarm and ensure it has zone settings so areas of the house can be alarmed when you’re asleep. If possible ensure the alarm covers the garage and can be set when you’re in the house.

Sheds and gardens

Make sure sheds and garages are locked and secure. Always tidy aware your garden tools and lock ladders away to stop a burglar using them. Use a good quality padlock on your shed to protect you property inside it. You can also purchase a shed alarm cheaply from most DIY stores.

Other useful tips

If you are away for a while ask a friend or trusted neighbour to remove post from your door or porch, this can be an obvious sign to thieves that nobody is home.

Mark your property so if it is stolen police can identify it as yours. You can register property free at www.immobilise.com or purchase DNA type marking equipment to permanently tag your property.

Fit a safe to your property and properly fix it to a wall or concrete floor, keep items of value inside the safe when not in use.

Remove items that can be used to climb onto flat roofs or to a second floor balcony. Wheelie bins are often stored close to homes and can be used as a step to upper floors. Lock them securely away where they can’t be used for climbing.

If you own expensive bikes or equipment fit a ground anchor in your garage or shed and ensure items are neighbourhood_watch_logosecurely locked to the anchor.

Do not have key hooks or leave car keys by the door where they can be easily found, snatched or hooked by a pole through the letter box. Thieves often fish for keys or smash and grab keys if they are in an accessible and obvious place.

Consider setting up a local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme to keep residents informed and have regular contact with your local police. Contact your local police neighbourhood team for more information or see the link under volunteering on this site.