Multi Agency Vehicle Operation Targeting Criminals

NEC West Car Park Multi-Agency vehicle Examination 22/10/2018

On Wednesday 10th October 2018 at the NEC West Car Park (Just off the A45) in Solihull a number of enforcement agencies took part in a multi-agency vehicle examination (MAVE). The operation was held with the intention to drive down crime by targeting offenders who may have been using Solihull’s roads, promote road safety, reduce ASB and leaves a positive footprint in the area.


The Central Motorway patrol group (CMPG) and the West Midlands Police Road Harm Reduction Team were responsible for conducting high visibility patrols of the surrounding area and stopping vehicles that were considered worthy of checking or were observed to be committing moving traffic offences. They also responded to number of serious road traffic collisions in the area during the running of the check site. The vehicles were safely escorted onto the check site. Once the vehicles were on site they were all subject of inspections from the following agencies and policing teams who were all present:


Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

Solihull Police Teams

West Midlands Police: CMPG & the Road Harm Reduction Team

Solihull licensing team

Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

Solihull Council’s Trading Standards & Environmental crime Team

Her Majesty’s Courts & warrants Officers (HMCTS)

Solihull Food Safety Team

An onsite briefing was held at 09:00 hours and the first vehicle was escorted onto site at 09:18 hours and the last vehicle was checked onto site at 14:30, the site was cleared at 15:15 hours. In total 52 vehicles were inspected and drivers spoken to / dealt with for an array of criminal and road traffic offences.

Mave Meat  Results:

DVSA & the RHRT inspected the majority of vehicles that were brought onto site and issued 3 immediate prohibitions, 4 delayed prohibitions, and a number of advisories. The  prohibitions were for defects such as: Indicators inoperative, one vehicle ( another skip lorry had no working brakes on the left hand side of the vehicle, no operator’s licence, no MOT for the last two years, no Tax, No insurance, faulty tachograph and the brake lights were stuck permanently on. Another immediate prohibition was for a van that had a serious fault with the steering column & the front suspension spring was broken. All of these vehicles were either recovered at the owner’s expense or rectified on site again at the driver’s expense.


Solihull Licensing team inspected 16 taxis / hackney carriages, Drivers were spoken to about ‘county lines’ and the transportation of juveniles. They were asked a series of questions by officers whilst their vehicles were being inspected to test their knowledge around their operators policies regarding the transportation of un-accompanied juveniles around the region and what they would do if they turned up for a fare and it was a juvenile. 1 driver received an officer caution for badge offences. Many other drivers received advisory notifications and were made to change bulbs that weren’t working or made to clear their windscreen of anything that was obstructing their view. All drivers were brought into compliance by the licensing team before leaving the site.


Her majesty’s courts and warrants officers were on site and checked all motorists that were stopped to ensure there were no outstanding unpaid fines that could be collected. They offered advice to motorists that had outstanding fines but had recently set up a payment plan to ensure the fine was being paid.


Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs checked all vehicles on site to ensure that they were using the correct fuel and not evading tax. They provided advice to motorists whilst checking their fuel.


Solihull’s food safety team checked any vehicles that were transporting food or perishable goods, one vehicle caused them concern around the storage of the food they were transporting and further enquiries are on-going with the operator (see photo).

Solihull Trading Standards & Environmental Crime Team were on site and engaged with all traders offering them advice to ensure they remained compliant with the consumers rights act and were aware of cancelation rights. They also weighed any vehicles they suspected of being overweight. One vehicle was 17% overweight and was made to unload several items of building material before leaving the site (they then had to return to collect the items (they will be reported for the offence).

In total 52 vehicles checked, 1 overweight, 7 tickets issued to drivers, 3 immediate prohibitions, 4 delayed prohibitions and a number of advisories. 4 vehicles seized for no insurance / tax & MOT, 1 registration plate offence, 3 vehicles with no MOT, 4 vehicles were seized for no insurance or no tax including a van that had the contents of a cannabis factory that was being disposed of in the rear of it (further enquiries into the cannabis / rubbish on-going with both the police and the environmental crime team). One driver to be prosecuted for his vehicle (a skip truck) being a in a dangerous condition it had had no MOT for over two years, no tax, no insurance, no operator’s licence, faulty tachograph and the brakes were not working correctly!

MAVE CANNABIS       Mave skip

As ever our joint visible presence received many favourable comments on social media and from members of the public that we dealt with on site that were interested in the work we were carrying out. Looking at the crimes recorded in Solihull during our partnership work our presence may well have assisted in ensuring crime is kept to a minimum as we maximised our visibility / joint presence on a main arterial route of Solihull to deter and catch any offenders that use the roads of Solihull.



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