Solihull Multi Agency Vehicle Operation 18/09/18

Chester Rd / Clopton Crescent Multi-Agency vehicle examination 18/09/2018


On Tuesday 18th September 2018 at the junction of Chester Rd & Clopton Crescent in Kingshurst, Solihull a number of enforcement agencies took part in a multi-agency vehicle examination (MAVE). The operation was to promote road safety, drive down crime by targeting offenders who may have been using Solihull’s roads, reduce ASB and leave a positive footprint in the area.

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Solihull Police Partnerships team utilised a pro laser speed device on Chester Road (30 mph road) and carried out high visibility patrols of the surrounding area. Vehicles that were considered worthy of checking or were observed to be speeding or committing moving traffic offences were stopped and directed onto the Kingshurst & district Labour club. Once the vehicles were on site they were all subject of inspections from the following agencies and policing teams who were all present:

West Midlands Police: Officers from Chelmsley Wood / LEOS / Solihull Partnerships teams &

St Alphege Neighbourhood Team

Solihull licensing team

Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

Solihull Council’s Trading Standards & Environmental crime Team

West Midlands Fire Service

An onsite briefing was held at 09:45 hours and the first vehicle was escorted onto site at 10:00 hours and the last vehicle was checked onto site at 14:30, the site was cleared at 14:45 hours. In total 66 vehicles were inspected and drivers spoken to / dealt with for an array of road traffic offences.


Of the 66 vehicles that were stopped 48 were speeding; the fastest recorded speed was 52 mph on a 30 mph road. One driver that was stopped doing 44 mph was also found to have no insurance, no driving licence and was also a disqualified driver. 5 drivers or passengers were found not to be wearing their seatbelts. 9 tickets were issued to motorists that exceeded the speed limit excessively. One person was arrested by the Chelmsley Wood neighbourhood team after they spotted a male they recognised as being wanted by the police when we had a break for lunch in the area, the person arrested was wanted for three different serious offences – great spot!

Solihull Licensing Team inspected 10 taxis / black cabs that were escorted onto site and issued two cautions to drivers that were committing badge offences; they also inspected all the vehicles for safety ensuring that the driver’s vision was not impaired by too many obstructions on the windscreen. Two drivers received delayed prohibitions and were made to rectify the faults on their vehicles or were called back in by appointment for further inspections.

Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs were present and inspected the fuel of the motorists that were on site to ensure that red diesel was not being used. They also engaged with motorists during the event answering questions around road safety and what to do if you fill up your vehicle with the wrong fuel.

West Midlands Fire Service were in attendance and ran an educational input for motorists that were found to be speeding / not wearing their seat belts but were eligible for the educational input as opposed to prosecution on this occasion. In total 48 motorists were spoken to by the fire service and given the opportunity to experience being involved in an accident with the latest 3d virtual reality headsets. The input shows the motorist how contributory factors such as distractions, speed and not wearing your seat belt have a major impact on road traffic collisions and the severity of the injuries of those involved. The input also shows how the emergency services respond and deal with the incident.



Solihull Council’s Trading Standards & Environmental Crime Team were present and checked that any traders brought onto site were legitimate and adhering to consumer rights legislation when working / offering quotes to residents. They also dealt with a motorist that was smoking in a works vehicle and have some further enquiries to conduct around one of the scrap metal collectors that was stopped.

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